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Use analytics to gain incredible clarity and find the path to goal-shattering performance with decisions powered by data.

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Tough decisions are easier with better information.

Uncharted Metrics is a team of data-first marketers with unwavering commitment to precision performance. We help clients turn their data into a decision engine and ensure they’re properly equipped for their expedition to meaningful results.

Better performance starts with better understanding.

We’re in the transformation business

We use analytics to drive impact across the entire marketing process.

Marketing Performance

Transform data into a decision engine with automated performance measurement that drives strategy and scale. Increase engagement, conversions, and revenue by doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Marketing Operations

Optimize marketing from the inside out with a command center that integrates and centralizes everything behind the scenes. A lot goes into creating great marketing—Invest in the process, don’t let it create roadblocks.

Data Systems & Architecture

Get your data ready to be turned into great decisions with data architecture that communicates seamlessly across varying sources. Gain control over your data’s landscape to sharpen clarity and remove silos.

Data Fuels The Way We Work

Unearth insights, inform decisions and create a frictionless decision loop.

Let data be a strength, not a weakness.

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Save Time and Simplify Reporting

Life is too short to manually run reports. Automated reporting and analysis allows your team to monitor metrics from a custom dashboard that gives you the full picture.

Navigate Chaos

Reduce costs while driving revenue by investing in your people. Build tools that make it easier for strategists to get to their result more quickly without sacrificing quality. Remove silos and lower barriers to collaboration.

Being Data-Driven Has Major Benefits

Data is the foundation.

Don’t build a house without a blueprint.

Save Time & Sharpen Focus

Build a bridge from data to fast decisions with connected datasets and automated reporting. Shift from chaos to clarity with strategic dashboards that tell a clear story from action to impact.

  • Automated Reporting Suites
  • Marketing Measurement Strategy
  • Performance Scorecards & OKRs
  • Benchmarking, Goals & KPI Strategy

Make Better Decisions

Leverage analytics and insights to make smarter decisions. Identify, grow, and scale activities that produce business outcomes. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

  • Marketing Performance Analytics
  • Sales & RevOps Analytics
  • Marketing Investment Analytics
  • Customer Intelligence

Engineer Growth

Craft intel into calculated growth strategies to drive results with efficiency and precision. Stop gambling with your marketing efforts, start investing with them.

  • Precision Growth Strategy
  • Marketing Investment Intelligence
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Strategic Content Design

Identify Opportunities

High-impact opportunities drive more traffic, conversions and revenue, but identifying them can be difficult. Iterate, adapt and uncover efficient paths from actions to outcomes.

  • Performance Optimization Strategy
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Funnel Optimization Strategy
  • Sales & RevOps Intelligence

Improve Marketing Operations

Stop letting the internal stuff slow you down. Invest in marketing operations so you can spend more time leading. Create seamless views across teams, departments and processes.

  • Centralized Operations Reporting
  • Marketing Process Optimization
  • Role-Specific Companion Tools
  • Executive Companion Hubs

Gain Trust in Data

Don’t let bad data drive your decisions. Invest in data quality to avoid costly mistakes and build a foundation for confident action across your organization.

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Ecosystem Mapping
  • Data Integration (ETL/ELT)
  • Data Modeling





Great case studies start with great insights…

From Budget Cuts to Record Conversions

Facing a 45% budget cut, a major insurance company was struggling to keep its head above water.

Uncharted Metrics transformed their dwindling numbers into an opportunity by completing a comprehensive audit of their marketing program and swapping guesswork for a data-driven strategy that resulted in a 4.3x increase in conversions.

This success story isn't just about beating the odds— it’s about changing attitudes and boosting receptivity.

Navigating the Process

We get it… Your challenges are unique, so the solution should be too.

Big impact lives everywhere. Let’s pick a starting point to improve with purpose.

Start From Scratch

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Make Something Better

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Journey Somewhere New

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The Uncharted Metrics Approach

We’ve been on too many difficult journeys to think there isn’t a better way.

We take our clients into uncharted territory by exploring unique data slices, hunting for important artifacts, and obsessing over their history and what makes them special. Our process is unconventional and immersive as we cut through rugged, often unexplored terrain, unlocking potential opportunities. Turning data into information is a never-ending puzzle…and we love that.

The psychological elements of marketing are often overlooked amidst a sea of tactics. We employ a set of tools and metrics that keep a right-brain, left-brain balance to help us determine WHY customers are buying rather than the same, plain, out-of-the-box metrics used by most. Our approach is obsessively centered around learning about our clients’ ancient history and evolution, helping us to bring their success to new heights.

We’re excellent at telling stories with data that feel more “TED Talk” than PowerPoint. We’re edgy, fun, and honest with those we work with, but carry a laid-back attitude (more plaid shirts, beers & bonfires than suits, ties & boardrooms).

We love getting great results…
but the fun part is solving the mystery

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